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NSA and your gmail account.

MIT project code named Immersion lets you know what the NSA can learn from your gmail account without even scanning your email content.

From – See What the NSA Knows From Your Gmail Account.

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Search And Watch Latest Official Movie Trailers.

Search and find “Just Released” official Hollywood movie trailers easily.

From – How to Search And Watch Latest Official Movie Trailers.

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How to Create a Gag Yourself With GooGags Gag Maker.

Gag Maker is a simple and easy to use tool from googags using which any body can create their own gags.

From – Create a Gag Yourself With GooGags Gag Maker.

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Plugin Adds Google+ Comments to WordPress.

The best wordpress plugin to add Google+ comments to your wordpress blog. It is fully customizable with features you won’t find with other plugins.

From – Google+ Comments Widget Adds Google+ Comments to WordPress.

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Dynamic Responsive Adsense Ads

Make your Adsense ads responsive like your website so ads of correct size get displayed dynamically in monitor, tablet, smartphone or any other device.

From – How to Add Dynamic Responsive Adsense Ads in Any Website.

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How To Add Google+ Comments to Blogger.

Add Google+ comments to your blog and bring in more engagement.

From – How To Add Google+ Comments to Blogger Even For Custom Templates.

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Multi Screen Preview.

Instead of sharing images as such, share a screenshot preview of how the image will look like in different screens using the multi screen preview tool.

Read Full Post Here – A New Way to Share Your Wallpapers With A Multi Screen Preview.

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