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How to higher the range of your wireless router.

July 7, 2011

The range of a normal home router like Linksys is nearly 100 feet. There are lots of other factors that can diminish this range decreasing signal strength lower than you desire. The most important are obstacles present between your wireless router and your laptop or PC.

Dont worry, there are easy tricks that will help boost the quailty of your wireless network (WLAN). Try some of these tips for enhancing your wireless quality and improving your wireless network speed and performance.

1. Position Of Wireless Router.

Remember that the maximum range of your wireless router is restricted. The antennas of your default wireless router are omni-directional. That means they transmit signals in every direction with the same power. So to enjoy reasonable signal quality everywhere, place your wireless router at a central location compared to all your access points.

2. Objects surrounding the router.

Make sure to remove all obstacles that lie close to the wireless router. These could be metal objects, books and similar stuff that you have cluttered around your wireless router. More the interferences, the lower the quality.

3. Try antenna change.

Many routers doesn’t allow you to increase the transmitted power. The default router antennas are omni-directional and use the available power to transmit the signal in all directions equally. In most cases, these antennas are removable and can be replaced with high-gain antennas which are also called directional-antennas.

High-gain antennas take the total power to transmit only in a particular direction and hence will have higher improved signal quality and range in that direction. If you can keep your access points accordingly in the direction, you can get a range increase of around 25-40%.

Trick to improve your existing antenna.

You can easily convert default omni-directional antennas of the wireless router to directional antennas bettering the range of your wireless router.

An ordinary aluminum foil from your moms kitchen is only sufficient for this. To make things simple, you can download this ready made template ( ) which you can print and cut out.

5. Try Repeaters.

A repeater is an electronic re-transmitter that takes signal from your wireless router, boosts its quality and re-transmits it. So if your wireless router range is like 100ft, placing a repeater at say 75ft could take the total range to 175ft if the repeater range is also 100ft.

6. Use an ideal channel.

Wireless routers are capable of broadcast on several different channels (frequencies), similar to radio stations transmit different channels. The channels are all in the 2.4Ghz range.There are a host of factors that determine the strength of one channel depending on your area.

Almost all wireless routers allow us to change a channel or frequency. So use a frequency that leads to max range by trial.

7. Decrease Wireless Interference.

There are countless other electronic gadgets like cordless phones, mobile, microwave ovens, baby monitors, and other wireless electronics that operate on the same 2.4Ghz channel as your wireless router. These can hinder with the wireless router channel diminishing the signal power and quality.

You cannot abandon them altogether, but we definitely can lower signal loss from interference by placing and using them far from you router.

This article- Easy Tips To Increase The Range Of Your Wireless Router., was originally published in Skipser.

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