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How to add images to tweets

June 9, 2011

One of the features that made Facebook stand out from twitter was the visual effect. Yes,Facebook allowed rich media like photos and video, but twitter was more or less limited to text. Even I have googled for “how to add photos in tweets” just to find myself crying out – “damn it”.

Well good news, twitter now has a new photo feature that allows users to add photos and even videos to tweets.

Adding photos or images is really simple. To add a photo to your tweets, just click on the camera icon located just below the text box for typing your tweets and you will be asked to upload a picture.

The picture shows up in your Tweets and timeline. Twitter has partned with Photobucket to host the pictures added to your tweets. Beneath every photo in twitter, there is a “Powered by Photobucket” note which is kind of annoying.

By default, twitter only displays tweet images from people you follow. If you look at tweets from other people who you don’t follow, the tweet message will be shown but instead of showing the image, you will be given a warning saying that it is a media from someone you are not following.

This article- Now You Can Add Photos To Your Tweets, was originally published in Skipser.
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