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How to share big files over the internet easily

June 7, 2011

Many a times you want to share big files over the internet. Generally, there are two options that you can use to share files easily.

  1. Attach the files to an email message and send it to the other person(s).
  2. Upload files to an online storage service and share the download link.

Now let’s explore the possibilities, available services and benefits of each of these options. Each has its own advantages depending on scenarios and you can select the best way to share files depending on your needs.

1. Attatch big files in E-mail.

The most popular e-mail services are GmailYahoo and Hotmail. Both Gmail and Yahoo services cannot handle files of size bigger than 25Mb. Hotmail which recently re-vamped it’s service lets you send messages upto 10GB.

2. Upload files to a free online storage service

The common online storage providers include Dropbox, File Dropper  and SkyDrive.

This article- How To Share Big Files Over The Internet, was originally published in Skipser.
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